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Better start studying!~

Welcome ♥

Welcome to Armonia


We're not open at the moment!

We are currently open for recommendations**

** Please read here for more information on how to get in through recommendations.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you have a nice day~

Welcome to the Armonia Institute on Faraway Island, a place where young pokémon come to learn, grow and forge a future together... are you ready for the challenge of every day school life with a unique twist?

Weekly Weather ♥

Wed. Nov. 25th | Cloudy Sunny | 4°C | 39° F

Thu. Nov. 26th | Sunny | 1°C | 33° F

Fri. Nov. 27th | Snowy | -1°C | 29° F

Sat. Nov. 28th | Partially Cloudy | 2°C | 35° F

Sun. Nov. 29th | Cloudy| 2°C | 36° F

Birthdays ♥


Mallory: 1st
Adalaine: 4th
Celestine: 9th
Jude: 11th
Lucas : 11th
Iora: 11th
Austin: 12th
Rufi: 12th
Nate: 12th
:bulletpink:Connor: 13th
Saxon: 18th
Klaus: 20th
Shaylee: 23rd
Theodore: 23rd
Leroy: 25th
:bulletpink:Gwendolyn: 25th

Baeset: 27th

Club Assignments ♥



PKMN Armonia: Art Club Assignment #1 by Yoshinx

Be a hero!
Prompt: Design a super hero costume for your character!
Due date: December 10th





Prompt: Design two outfits of high fashion with recycled materials.
Due date: December 20th



Secret Santa information has been now sent 

1 deviant said
No deviants said Please, if you did not get your info note the group and it'll be sent to you
No deviants said Have fun!
No deviants said And remember to post between Dec 20th -26th
No deviants said If you have any issues please contact TinyBuni
No deviants said SPECIFICALLY
No deviants said Not the group
No deviants said So I can solve the issue yes


~Feel free to affiliate with us!~


Class Assignments ♥



Class: Music
Professor: Cornelius O'Brien
Due Date: December 1st
Extra Notes: Individual or groups of up to three.

Class: Survival
Professor: Camille Deuxchamps
Due Date: November 19th
Extra Notes: Individual or groups of up to four.

Class: Home Economics
Professor: Phillip Bescatti
Due Date: November 25th
Extra Notes: Pairs.

Class: Horticulture
Professor: Tyson Hertz
Due Date: November 25th
Extra Notes: Individual.

Class: Battle
Professor: Gwendolyn O'Brien
Due Date: November 30th
Extra Notes: Individual or groups of up to 3.

Class: Drama
Professor: Shale Havrett
Due Date: November 30th
Extra Notes: Individual or pairs.

Class: Gym
Professor: Connor Phillips
Due Date: December 1st
Extra Notes: Individual or pairs.

Class: Science
Professor: Laura Checkers
Due Date: December 3rd
Extra Notes: Individual

Attention Members! ♥

Hey Guys!

So, recently, we've read up on ways of keeping non-twitter members up-to-speed on anything, and everything, that's happening on Armonia's Character Feed! We've managed to group all of the public character accounts, as well as the event & NPC accounts, into a list where you can follow along at your leisure. It doesn't necessarily require an account to follow along either! However, while everyone does pop in from time to time in the chats, if you wish to interact more with members, we strongly encourage you make a Twitter account. It's not a necessity, of course, and everyone has their preferences, but it's important to note that for the future many of the events held will be Twitter-based because mods have an easier time tracking participation, as well as don't feel overwhelmed by long posts.

That being said, we hope you enjoy the feed. c:

Bulletin Board ♥


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Flamongirl13 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Hanging in the chat for a little while.
catmistry Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[ pkmna ] angelica faris

could i maybe get a critque on my app? 
a recommendation would be lovely! but only if you deem my character fit of course!  
1wordinsane Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015 here's my shitling, he wants to be back
Typurr Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015   General Artist
welcome to meme hell.
MysticFlygon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fellow Students!

Evalina is still looking a partner for the Home Economics assignment, anybody mind teaming up with the shy little fox?
luccario8 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Is there any maximum limit for how long a written assignment entry can be? owo;
TinyBuni Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maximum nope! Minimum-- not an exact number just make sure it shows effort
Kattarsis9 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
//shoves Zahir here
Ok so, from this kid's idea
would anyone be interested in a possible baking club? It's almost ready to go but just so we know if more people are up to join it!
fluwe Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Linus is surely in (/0w0)/~*
Kattarsis9 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
yess good
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