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Put another dime in the jukebox~

Countdown to Time before the record changes~

Tuesday, January 27th @ 4:00pm

:bulletpurple:Anime for now... the record keeps spinning~:bulletpurple:

Welcome ♥

Welcome to Armonia


We're currently closed for applications*

We are, however, open for recommendations**

* You are free to create an app while we're closed but we still don't know when our next opening will be. We recommend Watching the group to know when we are planning a new opening. We also suggest reading our FAQs and Rules found below.

** Please read here for more information on how to get in through recommendations.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you have a nice day~

Welcome to the Armonia Institute on Faraway Island, a place where young pokémon come to learn, grow and forge a future together... are you ready for the challenge of every day school life with a unique twist?

Birthdays ♥


Gizmo: 1st
Pavla: 3rd
Thyme: 4th
Vivi: 9th
:bulletpink:Russell : 11th
Amber: 11th
Kazer: 12th
Lily: 14th
Cloe: 14th
Ryuho: 16th
Emanuel: 18th
John: 23rd
Muta: 24th

Club Captains were selected 

14 deviants said Thank you~
3 deviants said And badges sent
No deviants said If you didn't get yours please note us


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Current Event ♥

The entire island was swallowed by an enormous Jukebox! Cherry Anne, the Meloetta, has decided to turn Faraway Island into a musical. Records will change every four days, switching music genres. Can you catch her and return the island to normal?
PKMNA :: Cherry Anne by CherryBuns

Current Genre


Island Changes

Just turn into a weeb pls

Informative Journal:
Event ends on: Feb 4th 11:59 PM EST
Useful memes:
PKMNA :: Rock n' Roll Meme by HokeyPokey08196 PKMNA :: Broadway Meme by HokeyPokey08196PKMNA [Event] :: Hip Hop Meme by HokeyPokey08196PKMNA :: Pop Meme by HokeyPokey08196PKMNA [Event] :: Country Meme by HokeyPokey08196PKMNA :: Anime Meme by HokeyPokey08196

Bulletin Board ♥

Class and Clubs ♥


Are you sure that you're up for this
Do you think you can handle it?
We got the moves that you never seen
Let me show you just what I mean

Try to follow, watch me now
If you think that you know how
Then dance me, dance me if you can

Get together or fall apart
If you think it's not that hard
Then dance me, dance me if you can

Class(es): Battle + Music
Teacher(s): Coach Hollingsworth + Professor O'Brien
Difficulty: :star::star::star: [Challenge: must include at least 2 characters]
Participants: Single or collabs
Due date: Tuesday January 27th 11:59 P.M.
Folder: Assignments

The island is all about music right now, and what is music without dancing? Hip hop is well known for it's rhythm and so your feet will have to follow the beat coming from the boombox.
However this is not a music alone assignment, and so the rabbit teachers decided to join forces and challenge you all to a dance off.

The rules? Depending on your level you'll have to pick a partner (or partners) to take on the buns. This is a friendly battle that will require coordination, teamwork and of course letting yourself loose and follow the rhythm. Friendly means the attacks won't be as hard, I wanna see you try to keep up with dancing, possible singing and attacking! No one is used to this now so no fainting.

Each battle will last as long as a song, so you'll have to pick one and link to it in the description. The difficulty of this assignment requires for you to at least depict 2 characters in order to have a higher grade. That is your character + either a partner or the teachers. Once all the entries are in they will all be graded and depending on the grade you'll get a reward. Considering the island is still trapped both High School students and College ones in Faraway can participate, as well as other fellow teachers [tho teachers won't get grades of course]. Remember, this is not about skill but effort and creativity! All entries will be posted here.

So try to keep up and dance me if you can~


Let's DANCE by NoyiiArtsDance Battle Assignment Collab by DreamingMystic

Let's talk about your childhood days.

Class: Home Economics
Teacher: Prof. Bescatti
Difficulty: :star::star::star-empty:
Participants: Singles
Due Date: January 30th @ 11:59PM EST
Folder: Assignments

Welcome back to class, students! To mark the start of a fresh semester, we will be having our very first Home Ec. project! It seems all the "lovey-dovey" feelings and warmth brought along with the Pop/Ballad genre has spread to the heart of your teacher! ...Well, the change in attitude is invisible, but nonetheless!

This project is designed to focus on the "family" aspect of the course. For this assignment, students will be reflecting on their childhood life and presenting a bit about themselves to the class. The idea is to show the developmental stages of infancy to toddler to child (ages 0 - 6)--so feel free to call a parent, or guardian, students to gather that information! Not only that but students are also required to pick one event in their life they view as monumental, or important, to them and explain to the class why it is. It can be at any point in the character's life.

Here are questions to consider for the age 0 - 6 portion:…

You can use any method to depict this assignment (a comic, storybook pictures, written dialogue/explanation in the description, 'powerpoint') as long as the completed picture you submit to the folder shows at least one image of your character presenting in front of the class. The 30th is also a canon due date so if you'd like to have your characters tweeting (if they have one, of course!) their presentation, that would fine as well as an additional step! It'll take up a majority of the class that day.

Get lost in the nostalgia~



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Even without any critiques I have been fiddling with this application for a while! Adding removing things. Even so, I'd love a critique! So if you have time please give it a read, and leave a comment! Even saying that you can't find anything to change is very helpful! Lets me know that I am in a good place! :iconsmile-luplz: Thank you!
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