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Twinkle, twinkle, little star~

Welcome ♥

Welcome to Armonia

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Thank you for your interest and we hope you have a nice day~

Welcome to the Armonia Institute on Faraway Island, a place where young pokémon come to learn, grow and forge a future together... are you ready for the challenge of every day school life with a unique twist?

Weekly Weather ♥

Wed. 26th | 29°C | 84°F
Thu. 27th | 26°C | 79°F
Fri. 28th | 28°C | 82°F
Sat. 29th | 30°C | 86°F

Birthdays ♥


Tezzie: 1st
Patience: 1st
Tanvi: 1st
Miles: 5th
Nieves: 5th
Dezi: 6th
Evalina 7th
Abernathy: 8th
Emily : 9th
Samuel: 12th
Josephine: 13th
Blake: 14th
Vincent : 15th
Dicky: 19th
Allen: 19th
Lus: 24th
Spinel: 24th
Laurel: 25th

Club Assignments ♥


Drama Club

Hello again my fellow theater enthusiast! This is your captain speaking.

So I’ve been thinking. We take on so many different roles while here at school. Pirates, mermaids, some of you all have even changed species! With each new role, it’s like donning a new mask. And that’s my assignment; make your own mask! It makes sense doesn’t it? Masks are trademark for drama. I challenge you to make your own mask, whether it’s Phantom of the Opera or full on luchador. I can’t wait to see what you come up with :D


Task: Design your own mask. It can be based on anything; masquerade, superhero, covers the face or just the eyes. Go nuts.

Mini-Event RP Reminder 

4 deviants said Hope you come purrpared :3c ❤
1 deviant said No I won't stop hounding you guys with doggone puns.
No deviants said The Cats v. Dog Laser Tag RP will start around 4PM EST.
No deviants said It will also be continuous throughout the day after it starts so come in whenever you like in the next hours c:
No deviants said It will be host in ArmoniaRP3!
No deviants said More lasers


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Current Event ♥

'Cause you're a sky,
You're a sky full of stars.
Such a heavenly view,
You're such a heavenly view.

Many, many years ago there were two mon who loved each other deeply. No mon had ever loved so much before, but such was their love they neglected their duties. As punishment they were divided by a river of stars, missing each other everyday… Birds took pity of them and once a year they spread their wings and served as a bridge so they could be reunited for a few days…

To this day we remember them, and celebrate on the Seventh month of the Eastern calendar with a festival. Let’s pray to the stars this month, who knows? Maybe a jirachi will grant your wishes~

Informative Journal:
Event ends on: August 30th
Submissions accepted until: September 2nd 11:59 PM EST

Useful memes:
PKMNA :: Wish Tag Meme by TinyBuni
Wish Tag Meme

You're in for a ruff time.

Informative Journal:
Event ends on: August 31st
Submissions accepted until: August 31st 11:59 PM EST

Useful memes:
PKMNA :: Cat or Dog Meme by TinyBuni
Cat or Dog Meme

Festival House Points ♥







Class Assignments ♥




Bulletin Board ♥


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Azailiathefox Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Can Tony claim the Grip Claw?
HokeyPokey08196 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! Added to his inventory!
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Can Stellanova grab the weakness policy, please? ^^
Typurr Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
No problem! Added to their inventory!
Imawsum Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Felix would like to claim the mystic water, please. 
Solarri Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Added to her inventory!
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner 4 days ago
That reminds me...

There was once a list of custom Mega Stones that were up back when we had a points shop, but that list vanished when the journal entry did. I tried to collect as many as I could find from Google cache, but I don't have all of them.

Does anyone still have a link to that stache of Mega Stones?

I know I could just use the ones from Bulbapedia, but I like Buns' versions better because they're bigger and brighter colored. ~w~
Solarri Featured By Owner 4 days ago
The megastones just happened to be one of the links I bookmarked haha here!

It's not all of them since new megastones were added over time so I hope these'll do
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner 4 days ago
That's the one! Thank you so much! =>
Solarri Featured By Owner 4 days ago
No problem! nvn
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